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Dragon City is a social game that was released in 2012 for Facebook and 2013 for iOS (both versions are linked with eachother so you don't have to create 2 different accounts). The focus of the game is to create your own town for dragons where you breed and discovere new species of dragons to play with. In order to show that you are a true "Master" you will have to feed, breed and train the dragons to become warriors. When you have trained enough dragons and you are confident in their strength you can take them to the online world where you can fight against other gamers. Download Dragon City Cheats below.

Dragon City Cheats Tool

dragon city hack

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Download the hack
Unpack the ".zip" file
Run hack
Enter your account name
Select gems and/or gold value
Press 'Start Hack' and wait for the success message

About the game and why this site was created

Dragon City Hack is made for a game that is playable on Facebook and iOS and is developed by Social Point. The purpose of the game is to build habitats for drag0ns, hatching dragon eggs, breeding different drag0ns together and ensuring that the creatures are well fed.

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The game tutorial shows how to deal with hatching eggs, housing, buildings and feeding the drag0ns after witch the game encourages to repeat the previous steps through different quests. There is no storyline and the main goal of the game is to level up, earn gold and collect different drag0ns to your drag0ns book that has 159 drag0ns in it at the moment. Some drag0ns can be found from hatching eggs, some from by breeding two different drag0ns together and by feeding drag0ns long enough so that they evolve. There are several daily awards in the game that also reward the players with new dragons (download cheats above).

The game makes money through it's "gold" system. The currency is needed for most of the tasks such as clearing not needed items out from the play area. Well-bred dragons earn money over time and that allows the gamer to get bigger income streams. This system is questionable though - when the player reaches around level 7 they will have a quest called "Plant Dragon" that requires to purchase a habitat for the dragon. The price is about 1,500 gold that is reasonable for the player in that stage of the game. However, buying the egg to hatch the dragn from costs about 15,000 gold and that means a LOT of grinding OR spending real world money.

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When the player gets to level 10, he is able to enter the PvP known as "Dragon League". Gamers can attack others 3 times after every 6 hours and are rewarded with exp and currencies. What makes it a bit boring is that the palyer can not lose his dragn when his dragun gets injured during the combat. There is no risk element in PvP.

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The way for the game to win popularity is to let the player be helped by his friends. This function though is underdeveloped because it is not shown what the friend actually helps you to do - he just clicks the help button and suddenly gets exp and gold.

All in all, the game is free to play and available to everybody who has access to Facebook or iOS. Dragon Cit has a lot of potential but for it to be enjoyable, the player needs to shell out a lot of cash. This site was created for those who do not have the time for grinding or pockets deep enough to pay for the gold.

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